Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

Celebrating the blessing of God's love, sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ and trusting the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we strive to grow as disciples in Christian faith and service—building a world fit for all God's children.

Guiding Vision

“I was glad when they said, ‘Let us go to the house of the Lord.’”

Welcome to our Home of Homes. Our door is open to you at whatever point you are in your journey of faith. From the center of our home, the love of God, revealed in Jesus the Christ and present in the Holy Spirit, radiates to all. In this home, we are neither young nor old, rich nor poor; we are all valued children of God, bonded together as disciples of Christ. We have been called to this home and to one another as our family, the Body of Christ, defined by the tradition of scripture and centered in the worship of God.

God calls us to fellowship.

We are the fellowship of the open door. When we enter this home, we aim to greet each other with a warm embrace and compassionate understanding. We seek to really get to know one another. We strive to become the authentic family God wants us to be.

God calls us to trust.

People listen, both to our words and to our innermost silence. We shelter each other's vulnerable selves in kindness. We are comfortable in sharing our diverse ideas with open hearts to discern God's will for our lives.

God calls us to value acceptance.

We are an inclusive community of faith. For those who have been spiritually distant, we welcome you as the father welcomed the prodigal son. For those who seek the affirmation of a loving church family, we reach out our hands, as did Jesus to the woman at the well. Bring us your pain and your joys, your needs and your gifts. Even as we take the next steps in our individual pilgrimages, we will walk together, with God.

God calls us to grow spiritually.

We pray for and with each other. We support, challenge and inspire each other to move more intentionally along our own journeys within the Christian community. We help each other to discover our God-given gifts and the commitment to use them in service. We are receptive to the gentle prodding of the Holy Spirit as we encourage one another to follow the living God.

God calls us to embrace responsibility.

As a family, we participate in both the joys and the obligations of this community of faith. In sharing ourselves, our time, our talents and our possessions, we express also the abundance of God's love and support that flows from our contributions.

God calls us to a pathway in the world.

We practice the grace and mercy Jesus spoke of by reaching out to the wider community to help those in need. We accept the charge to be witnesses against injustice as we truly seek to build a world fit for all God's children.

Welcome! Let us be glad in the House of the Lord.

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