What if a Church?

What if a church?

What if a church welcomed you no matter what you looked like or who you loved—and no one tried to "fix" you?

"When looking for a church to join, it was essential we find a church that would welcome us and our daughter with open and loving arms. After our first visit, we knew First Congo was for us." —Jana and Megan Cartier

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What if a church encouraged you to explore your faith as well as your doubts, didn't tell you what to believe, and taught your children about a Jesus without prejudice and a God of love?

"During a children's sermon recently, we talked about how no one is an alien in God's loving eyes. Then we put on funny hats and laughed!" —Steve Savides, Senior Pastor

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What if a church was a place where the welcome didn't stop with a handshake at the door but meant you were welcome to pray and worship, discuss and engage, and to be as fully a part of the congregation as the most seasoned member, if that's what you choose?

"At First Congregational I find opportunities for learning, reflection, and interconnections. By supporting the church's mission partners, including the interfaith community of ESTHER, I am able to work for social justice in our church and community." —Sara Companik

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What if a church had diverse pastoral leaders who led its people to consider how God's lessons applied to their personal lives—pastors who didn't sidestep current issues and sensitive topics but who addressed such subjects, challenging you to think intelligently about your convictions and personal contributions to the world around you?

Right: Senior Pastor, Steve Savides; Former Pastor for Congregational Life, Jane Anderson; and Pastor for Youth and Spiritual Outreach, Nick Hatch

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What if a church was where you could work side by side with others to really help those who are hungry, despondent, weary, or homeless—not just through prayer or financial contributions—but by making and serving meals, building houses, constructing beds, advocating for community needs like public transit and alternatives to prison, crafting prayer shawls, or simply delivering a hug?

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What if a church was simple yet stunning, suffused with natural light, nestled among the trees, and warmed by music so spirited and artful that it moved you?

Lawrence University Music Scholars, sponsored by First Congregational UCC, join its Sanctuary Choir each Sunday. "I have had the opportunity to learn new music, work with very talented local and visiting musicians, and I have become a part of a very welcoming church family." —Katrina Zosseder, LU Music Scholar

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We are that church . . .

one that accepts who and what you are. There are no rules that qualify the welcome, no prejudices that taint the engagement—not on the first visit, not ever.

If that's the church you want, come . . .

Our door is open—spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, and always respectfully as you engage with the church and its members.

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