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UCC Daily Devotional - Thu, 06/26/2014 - 12:00am
What kind of house is the next generation of your church going to find when they move in? 

Arizona UCC to provide sanctuary to immigrant family facing deportation

United Church of Christ - Wed, 06/25/2014 - 12:00am
On Wednesday, June 25, advocates from the United Church of Christ and a number of immigrant rights groups will rally together to support the Tulio family in their time of desperation by accompanying Tulio to submit one more request for a stay of removal and offering him sanctuary at Shadow Rock UCC in Phoenix.


UCC Daily Devotional - Wed, 06/25/2014 - 12:00am
Jesus is focused not on how we think or feel, but on how we act. 

Fellowship Conference says 'I Do' to support North Carolina same-sex couples

United Church of Christ - Tue, 06/24/2014 - 12:00am
Instead of waiting on a federal court in North Carolina to rule on General Synod of the UCC v. Cooper, Church of the Holy Spirit Fellowship, drove up from Winston-Salem, N.C., to attend the Fellowship of Affirming Ministries East Coast Regional Conference in New York City -- with the intention of performing a wedding or two.

In the hands of the court: decision on injunction, stay next in UCC lawsuit

United Church of Christ - Tue, 06/24/2014 - 12:00am
After a series of motions, the people and the churches involved in the landmark lawsuit General Synod of the United Church of Christ v. Cooper now await the legal system to restore religious freedom to clergy in North Carolina.

South Dakota Conference continues land transfer to Dakota Association

United Church of Christ - Tue, 06/24/2014 - 12:00am
It’s never too late to right a wrong. With that idea in mind, the South Dakota Conference of the United Church of Christ and the Dakota Association came together in a moment that embodies continuous reconciliation, with the conference returning the deeds to eight parcels of land that belong to the association.

Start Where You Are

UCC Daily Devotional - Tue, 06/24/2014 - 12:00am
Start where you are. Love your home place more than any other.

General Synod Planning Committee searching for great workshops

United Church of Christ - Mon, 06/23/2014 - 12:00am
The General Synod Planning Committee is sending out a call for workshops across the wider church, looking to select the best of the bunch to educate, inform and inspire delegates and visitors during the denomination’s biennial event in 2015.

In Praise of the Word and Words

UCC Daily Devotional - Mon, 06/23/2014 - 12:00am
This devotional is a reminder that, as people of faith, we need to watch our words—whether they are spoken from a pulpit or in an intimate moment. 

June 22, 2014: Proper 7 (12) (Year A)

Lectionary Readings - Sun, 06/22/2014 - 3:00am
Genesis 21:8-21 and Psalm 86:1-10, 16-17 * Jeremiah 20:7-13 and Psalm 69:7-10, (11-15), 16-18 * Romans 6:1b-11 * Matthew 10:24-39

Practicing to Pay

UCC Daily Devotional - Sun, 06/22/2014 - 12:00am
Too often the Christian life is presented as something fairly undemanding, worthy of little serious effort, not really important enough to be costly.

Let's Pray

UCC Daily Devotional - Sat, 06/21/2014 - 12:00am
At home we thank God before dinner. We join hands around the table and pray. Nothing elaborate, but it happens religiously. But not in restaurants. I don't pray in restaurants.

UCC welcomes Why Marriage Matters Ohio to talk LGBT support, marriage equality

United Church of Christ - Fri, 06/20/2014 - 12:00am
The United Church of Christ’s national staff in Cleveland welcomed campaign organizers from “Why Marriage Matters Ohio” on Thursday, June 19, to share a meal and to share stories that lift up the LGBT community in Ohio.

Refuse to Go Quietly

UCC Daily Devotional - Fri, 06/20/2014 - 12:00am
The stories of the early disciples remind me that there has always been a cost for those who wish to tell the truth about who they are, and what they believe.

UCC and Elmhurst College collaborate to offer free graduate course

United Church of Christ - Thu, 06/19/2014 - 12:00am
As part of a commitment to higher education, and to build on a historic relationship, United Church of Christ members have a unique opportunity to advance their learning at one of the denomination’s religiously-affiliated universities at no cost.

Commentary: Modeling Reconciliation

United Church of Christ - Thu, 06/19/2014 - 12:00am
To solve the growing crisis in Iraq, we must call upon our leaders to put differences aside and, as people of faith, we need to start setting a better example within our own churches.

UCC artwork focal point of exhibit at Cleveland's Museum of Contemporary Art

United Church of Christ - Thu, 06/19/2014 - 12:00am
The UCC's Beatitudes Wall, a paint-on-canvas banner by artist Corita Kent, will be the centerpiece of an exhibit this summer at Cleveland's Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA).

Tips for Passover

UCC Daily Devotional - Wed, 06/18/2014 - 12:00am
Shortly before the birth of my nephew, my sister left a voicemail saying that she and her partner had a question about circumcision. Assuming her query was theological, I reread Galatians and made some notes on arguments for and against.

UCC, Fuller Center growing partnership around disaster relief

United Church of Christ - Wed, 06/18/2014 - 12:00am
The partnership between the UCC and the Fuller Center is poised to grow even further after a visit by nearly 50 bicyclists from the Fuller Center to the UCC Church House as they came through Cleveland on Wednesday, June 18.

UCC leaders applaud U.S. Patent and Trademark Office decision to cancel NFL team trademark

United Church of Christ - Wed, 06/18/2014 - 12:00am
The trademark decision comes on the heels of the Central Atlantic Conference's unanimous vote calling on the Washington franchise to change its name and for a boycott by the Conference's 40,000 members of the team's games and gear.