Church School

Sunday mornings during 8:45 AM worship services
(Grades K–6)

Typical Sunday Morning

Child inspecting her Church School project.Children begin the morning alongside their families in the sanctuary. After the children's sermon, guides escort children to the Theater for a time of fellowship. Teachers and students are then directed to their appropriate classrooms. At First Congregational we teach students using the workshop rotation model. Students study a Bible story for several weeks, learning about it in different ways each week. Moreover, the students are engaged through varied styles of teaching using the multiple intelligence approach.

Pick-Up Locations for Children

Church School concludes at 9:45 AM. Please note that if worship goes beyond the stated times, children will remain in their classrooms until worship has ended. Likewise, in the event that worship is over before the above stated time, please wait outside your child’s classroom until Church School has concluded. In order to assure that your child is able to experience the lesson in its entirety, teachers need the full 45 minutes of instruction time.

Third through sixth grade students will be dismissed on their own and can meet you at the location of your choosing. Children second grade and younger will be dismissed to a designated adult only. Please do not send older siblings to pick up younger children. The pick-up locations are printed in the worship bulletin each week.

Church School Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to pay a fee for my child to attend Church School?

Children responding to the Faith Talk bulletin board question.We do not charge a fee; however your pledge or your weekly offering helps to fund programs for people of all ages!

Why should I register my child?

When you register your child, we are able to keep you informed about upcoming events. More importantly, registration ensures that we have the contact and health information that will help us in case of emergency. Accurate registration numbers help us to estimate supply and teacher needs!

We can't be here every week. Will my child get in trouble for missing classes?

Your child will have an easier time making friends and learning the Bible stories with regular attendance, but we understand busy schedules.

Can my child participate in music at First Congregational?

Children are invited to join First Congo's Children's Choir, which meets on Wednesdays, 4:30–5:30 PM. The Children's Choir sings in worship several times a year and also performs an important role in our pageants and intergenerational musicals. Please contact John Albrecht, Director for Music Ministries, to participate.

Does my child need to dress up for Church School?

We suggest that your child dress comfortably! Our classes often involve cooking, painting and other exciting activities.

My child isn't comfortable participating in the children's sermon. What should we do?

It is okay for your child to stay with you until the children's sermon is over.

How will my child know where to go after the children's sermon?

Children are guided to the east wing as a group and travel to their classrooms with their teachers. Your child will not navigate the building alone. If you wish, you may escort your preschool child to class with the guides.

How will I know where to pick my child up after church?

A child enjoying our computer lab.Preschool children will always be picked up in the four-year-old classroom. The Church School pick-up schedule is printed in the worship bulletin and is posted on the bulletin boards on the upper floor of the east wing.

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