Wednesday evenings, 6:30 PM

Today’s teens make choices about how to live in the midst of competing messages and peer pressures. They yearn to not just get by but also to live lives that are good for themselves, others and all of creation. Through Confirmation—with its extensive mentoring, fellowship, and inter-religious activities—students will investigate God, the church and their faith. They will sense the love as well as the challenge of God as they explore many different Christian practices.

We Learn about God in Many Ways

Gathering together

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 In Wednesday evening sessions we devote attention to basic practices of the Christian faith and use Way to Live: Christian Practices for Teens, by Dorothy Bass and Don C. Richter, as a guide for learning about topics including

  • Life—Get in touch with your longing to live fully, through the kind of freedom, love and courage with which Jesus lived and now offers us today.
  • Stuff—We should deal with stuff in ways that deepen our relationships with God, other people and the whole created world.
  • Play—It’s a part of God’s good creation and is important to a balanced, happy life.
  • Forgiveness—Receiving and sharing God’s forgiveness helps us to mend what was torn and frees us to build a future with one another.
  • Practice—We’re free to risk living in new ways because we live in the promise that God loves us even when we fail.


2012-2013 Confirmation class on Confirmation SundayWe use experiential learning to explore different Christian practices and world religions. Throughout the year we experience worship at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church and Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, visit the Hindu Temple of Greater Chicago, and discuss grief and resurrection at Wichmann’s Funeral Home.


Mentoring pairs each confirmand with an adult who travels along beside them on a shared faith journey. Our confirmands are supported by a full community of adults with whom they can share an abundant life in Christ and practice the life of the Christian faith.


During confirmation, each youth crafts a faith statement, giving creative expression to a faith that is at once radically personal and universally shared among the community of Christian believers.


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