Confirmation Ministry Expectations

Attendance at All Gatherings

Gatherings will (generally) be held the first two or three Wednesdays of the month from 6:30–7:30 PM. Two excused absences are permitted as long as make-up assignments are completed.

Complete All Five Assignments

Regular assignments should take no more than one hour to complete and are meant to be completed with a parent/guardian. All assignments will be provided during Wednesday discussions.

Meet with Mentors

Each confirmand will be assigned/select a mentor to accompany them through their confirmation experience. Meetings with mentors will take place during regularly scheduled gatherings 2–3 times a month.

Complete at Least Twelve Meditation Feedback Forms

These are to be found and turned in at the front desk in the church office. If you are out of town and worship elsewhere, just bring back the worship bulletin signed by the minister, and that will count as the same.

Complete Each of the Required Faith Experiences

These trips are integral parts of the confirmation process (winter retreat, MLK service, funeral home visit, Catholic worship). If one of these experiences is missed, you are encouraged to make it up the following year, even after you have been confirmed.

Serve the Church

Each confirmand will serve the church at least two times in some way during the year. Some examples: an usher, a greeter, a server for coffee fellowship, a liturgist, a soloist, a video camera operator, a Church School teaching assistant, etc.

Serve the Community

Each confirmand will take part in at least one community service project: Service Sunday, Homeless Connections or the Youth Mission Trip in July.

Complete One Statement of Faith

These will be finished in grade 10 fall gatherings, then presented to a pastor in September and posted for the congregation to read on Confirmation Sunday.

Parent Responsibility

You can serve as a confirmation guide (presence in non-mentor weekly gathering), bring treats on a Wednesday evening, serve as a chaperone for trips or serve as a mentor for another youth.

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