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We know that life can be hectic for parents—especially when kids are involved in a number of activities. That’s why we’ve designed calendars specially for parents of children and youth in Church School, Middle School Ministry, High School Ministry and Confirmation. Calendars can be found at the bottom of these pages. Print off the relevant calendar and never miss a CYF event!

Children bring special gifts to worship and grow in faith through their regular inclusion and participation in worship with the congregation.

To help our church live out this important mission, the Children’s Ministry Team has created an area in the back of the church called The Family Worship Area!

The Family Worship Area is intended for children ages 3–10; our nursery/toddler rooms are available for our younger worshippers.

Parents are still expected to maintain the primary caretaker role (bathroom breaks, disciplining etc.)

Family Worship participants are expected to:
·      Use quiet voices at all times.
·      Enjoy the quiet activities provided.
·      Participate in the worship service when appropriate (Children’s message, Lord’s Prayer, unison readings).
·      Stop activity when praying.

Parents/guardians are expected to:
·      Enjoy the service from a spot in close proximity to your child/children or join them at the tables.
·      Redirect, calm, or remove your child/children if they become disruptive to other children or to the service.
·      Pick up children at the close of the Benediction.

Help us create a volunteer pool! Our Children, Youth and Families ministry is working hard to compile a list of potential volunteers who may be interested in joining our thriving ministry to over 240 active children and youth!

To get onto this list, you will need to complete the application and training process. Please contact Jennifer DeWitt, Coordinator for the CYF Center for a volunteer application, which includes a background check authorization form. Help us to help you and the church grow in its intergenerational ministry by adding your name to this pool of volunteers!

You can also find our general Volunteer Interest form in the wall pocket outside of the CYF office "across the bridge". 

First Congregational takes the cultivation of a loving and safe environment for all of its members very seriously. Our SafeConduct™ Policy protects the safety of everyone who participates in ministries for children, youth and vulnerable adults. The Code of Conduct section within this policy is required reading for anyone applying to volunteer in these ministries. You may view the policy at

If you are interested in volunteering with children, youth or vulnerable adults, we invite you to apply in advance so that you have the flexibility to jump in whenever an opportunity comes your way. Please contact the church office to get the application process started.