2014 Lenten Devotional

I Will Tell You a Mystery: Living in the Resurrection

“Listen, I will tell you a mystery!
We will not all die, but we will all be changed . . .”
(1 Corinthians 15:51)

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Dear Friends,

Photo courtesy of Ken Zwick.
Sunrise over a lake with a large rock in the foreground.

They were a very interesting bunch, these Corinthians to whom Paul wrote his letters. I would imagine that they were drawn to the Gospel for the same reasons we are:

  • because it makes sense of the world in a way no other club or philosophy does
  • because we have had certain experiences—some we simply don’t know how to explain to others—that are explained best by the story of the Gospel
  • because we have fallen in love with Jesus
  • because we genuinely like the people we find in our Christian community and, more than the ideas and stories, we like the company here
  • because we want to be of some use in this world and the Gospel puts us to work

And like us, they were very much a part of their world, of the cultural pressures and pleasures that surrounded them. It was the clash between culture and Gospel that filled them with questions: Is the world coming to an end? Did the grace of God in Jesus eliminate all moral laws? How should we worship? How hard should we work? What makes us spiritual?

Paul patiently answered all such questions as best he could and to the limit of his own wisdom and understanding. But at the very heart of all he wrote and at the very heart of all that he believed was a mystery—the mystery of the resurrection. Death was not the final word for Jesus, nor should it be for us. And being delivered from the fear of death and the anxious search for our lives’ meaning can make all the difference for how we live our lives.

That’s what Paul told those Corinthians and what Paul is saying to us even today. In this holy season of Lent, may the mystery of the resurrection be a blessing on you.

Your friend and fellow minister,
Pastor Steve

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