Stacks of the church library.At First Congregational, we consider our library a ministry of the church, and inside you will find books and media that are relevant to church life and spiritual growth. Some selections are chosen to reflect our core values of inclusiveness and acceptance, others support the themes of our programs, and still more are simply chosen to meet the diverse needs of a dynamic and growing congregation. Come visit this cozy and welcoming space that opens doors to a world of inspiration. All seekers are invited to explore our holdings and check out our materials.

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Books for Adults

Computer andreading chair in the First Congregational libraryThought-provoking reading is available at every turn. Our books are arranged on the shelves by the Dewey classification system used in most public libraries. There are special sections for fiction, biography, and reference. You can find books that:

  • include devotions, prayers and meditations
  • promote Biblical studies
  • provide spiritual growth and development in the Christian life and faith
  • aid in spiritual and personal development in parenting, marriage, aging, retirement, caregiving, grief and others challenges of daily life

Our fiction section contains books with realistic, interesting plots and believable characters, demonstrating how Christianity can integrate into real life situations.

Our collection of videos present programs from Christian and Biblical perspectives.

Books for Children and Youth

Children's section of the First Congregational libraryIn First Congregational's library, children and youth may find Bible stories and literature with positive Christian messages for very young children through middle school. Why not encourage your child to practice reading with materials that also nurture their growing faith? First Congo also offers a collection of children’s videos that are Biblically based, present stories that are fun, and encourage healthy thinking and good choices.

Books for children and youth are housed in a separate section. Because we encourage all children to use these books, we make no effort to keep them in order.

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