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If you or someone you know cares for a family member with memory loss, direct, one-on-one assistance is available.

The challenges of living with and caring for someone with progressive memory loss are life changing—there’s no need to go it alone! The REACH Program provides a certified caregiver coach free of charge to educate, support and problem-solve in the caregiver’s home. For more information or to discuss your caregiving, contact certified Caregiver Coach Karen Aspenson at (920) 997-8407 or by email at

REACH is a program of Mosaic Family Health, the Fox Valley Memory Project, and in partnership with the Rosalyn Carter Institute for Family Caregiving.

Stephen Ministry logoThe Stephen Ministry program equips and empowers lay caregivers to provide high-quality, confidential, Christ-centered care to people who are hurting. Stephen Ministers are there for you when you experience life changes such as bereavement, job loss or natural disasters, and when you need support for an ongoing situation such as chronic illness, single parenting or supporting an aging family member.

We recently welcomed two new Stephen Ministers into our program. Our Stephen Ministers are: Janet Steward, Ernestine Whitman, Mark Shropshire, Stephen Otto, Dianne Droster, Diane Ragus, Sharon Tuttle, Paris Wicker and Cheryl Nisler. Please take the time to thank these individuals for the care they provide our membership.

If you have questions, want to be involved, or think you might just need to talk, contact Pastor Jeannie and she will get you connected.

You can support Global Ministries by purchasing books online for First Congo small groups and courses. Please find the description for your course on this site and click on the link for your book. The purchase will be routed through a special page supporting Global Ministries.

First Congregational will no longer be placing orders for books automatically. If you do not have Internet access and cannot purchase your book locally, please contact the First Congregational office (920) 733-7393 several weeks in advance for assistance. provides a special link through which all of your Amazon purchases will support Global Ministries. Please visit the Global Ministries site to learn more.

First Congregational takes the cultivation of a loving and safe environment for all of its members very seriously. Our SafeConduct™ Policy protects the safety of everyone who participates in ministries for children, youth and vulnerable adults. The Code of Conduct section within this policy is required reading for anyone applying to volunteer in these ministries. You may view the policy at

If you are interested in volunteering with children, youth or vulnerable adults, we invite you to apply in advance so that you have the flexibility to jump in whenever an opportunity comes your way. Please contact the church office to get the application process started.