Experiencing the Holy through artful sound.

Join our musical ensembles today.

Close-up of singers in the First Congregational Sanctuary Choir.Spirited and artful music brings an extra dimension to worship at First Congregational UCC. The First Congregational Sanctuary Choir is the musical centerpiece of our Sunday morning services, and complementing the choir are numerous instrumentalists, ensembles and vocal soloists whose performances create an ever-changing fabric of sounds and musical styles.

From handbell choirs to percussion ensembles, there is something for everyone at First Congo, listeners and musicians alike. There are opportunities for musicians of varying age, background and levels of experience. Intergenerational experiences such as family handbell workshops and our intergenerational musical bring us closer together throughout the year.

John Albrecht directing the First Congregational Sanctuary ChoirRehearsals are a great opportunity for members to develop their musical gifts and even enjoy some fellowship time. We welcome new singers and instrumentalists to the program on a regular basis. Childcare during rehearsals is available upon request.

To participate, please contact John Albrecht, Director for Music Ministries, with questions or for more information.

"Singing in our choir stirs my soul and lifts my spirits like nothing else, and I hope the music we make deepens worshipers' experience of the sacred." Sanctuary Choir member
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