Our Instruments

The Sanctuary Organ

Organ in First Congregational SanctuaryThe instrument was built by M. P. Möller of Hagerstown, Maryland, beginning in 1969 (a year after worship began in the present building) and concluding in 1972. Its construction was underwritten by the generosity of Cora and David Crock, and it has served the congregation and the community well in Sunday worship, in festival musical offerings and in many recitals and concerts throughout the years.

The renovated organ is one of the three or four largest pipe organs in the city of Appleton, comprising three manuals, 46 stops and 58 ranks. It is beautifully integrated into the sanctuary, both visually and acoustically, and provides a powerful and cherished center for worship music, a venue for recitals and concerts, and an instrument for the teaching of organ. See the Our Möller Organ page on this site for detailed information on the instrument and its history, as well as photographs.

The Sanctuary Piano

First Congregational buying committee with the new Steinway piano.First Congregational's Steinway B grand piano was purchased in 2012 with dedicated funds from the Trina Reynolds Bequest. A team consisting of organist Jon Riehle, Hillary Reynolds (Trina's daughter), Ted Toussiant, Anthony Padilla (piano faculty at Lawrence University) and Debbie Olson, (piano consultant at Heid Music) graciously served as the selection committee, traveling to the Steinway factory in New York to make our selection.

The piano arrived in September 2012, and it was quickly put to use when Vienna Boys Choir stopped at First Congregational on November 19, 2012 as part of their "Christmas in Vienna" tour. The official dedication of the sanctuary piano took place on February 10, 2013. The program featured Hillary Reynolds, Anthony Padilla and the First Congregational Sanctuary Choir. Supporting musicians were Kelsey Platt and Meg Hietpas, violin; Matthew Michelic, viola; Trevor Jarvis and Janet Anthony, cello; Jon Riehle, piano; Jeff Hale, small ensemble conductor and John Albrecht, Director for Music Ministries

The Trina Reynolds Bequest also allowed us to upgrade First Congregational's choir room piano to a rebuilt Steinway.

Handbells and Tonechimes

First Congregational owns five octaves of English Whitechapel handbells and two octaves of Suzuki ToneChimes. These instruments are housed in the Amistad Rehearsal room on the lower level.

Percussion Instruments

First Congo owns an extensive number of percussion instruments that provide opportunities for percussion ensemble offerings.


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