Why We Pray for Peace in Kenya

Wednesday, April 5, police escorted 70 Pokot women to Liter Centre in Kerio Valley, Kenya, reported Mildred Chepkonga. These women shared the same hope: that they might negotiate an end to recent tribal fighting between the Pokot and Marakwet people.

Many of the Pokot women had lived in grass-thatched houses, rather than permanent, iron-sheet homes. Fearing that their temporary shelters might be set on fire as a result of the recent violence, they opted to instead sleep in caves, despite the threat of snakes, Mildred explained.

The effect of the tribal fighting in the area goes beyond violence: a number of the women’s children and older relatives have died in recent weeks as families avoid traveling to Liter Dispensary and other health centers in Marakwet land.

Famine also has taken the lives of children and the elderly as fear of violence keeps families from farming. As a result, Mildred said, these families do not have enough food to eat.

Our Mission and Service team is sending $2,500 for maize, which will be distributed to starving families by our partner churches in Kenya. The Mission and Service team is accepting donations for maize and asks that you hold our Kenyan friends in your daily prayers.

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