Serving Others

Building relationships, serving others, pursuing justice.

Advocacy at First Congregational

Back Bay Mission Shrimp Boil fundraiserFirst Congregational is a church of action, advocating for social justice on local, national and international levels. We see that social justice encompasses a broad range of issues, including education, hunger, shelter and access to services such as transportation and counseling.

We also further social justice every day by living as a welcoming community, opening our doors wide in the spirit of inclusiveness and acceptance, and engaging in a personal effort to make connections with others, sometimes extravagantly and sometimes in small, quiet ways that make a big difference. Often it is serving together that brings us together.

How We Serve

Testing dog pull toys at Service Sunday 2014At First Congregational, we initiate our own service projects, and we partner with other not-for-profit organizations to make the most of our time and resources. The details of our current projects, partnerships, and service trips, linked in the menu to the left, give a full picture our commitment to service. 

Offering Our Gifts and Talents

Knitting prayer shawls for those who are grieving or in need of support.We encourage our members and friends to explore their spiritual gifts and to share those gifts with others. Whatever your gift may be—growing vegetables, carpentry, praying, knitting or musicianship—it is needed for our church truly to live out our calling to love and serve others as God has first loved us. If you have not already done so, please let First Congregational know how you are best suited to serve.

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