Bethlehem Partnership

Deb Burich
Bethlehem Lutheran Church;
Bethlehem Lutheran Church.
Photo by Fickr user "delayed
gratification" under a CC license.

The Bethlehem Partnership is committed to prayerfully and financially supporting the life and ministries of Christmas Lutheran Church in Bethlehem and the Kiyar Consortium, the mission arm of the Bethlehem congregation. The Partnership is invested in education about the humanitarian issues of occupation, building relationships between UCC members in Wisconsin and people in the Bethlehem community, and promoting justice.

The Southwest Association of the Wisconsin Conference UCC has had a partnership with Christmas Lutheran Church since 2004. The Association is now seeking the support and engagement of other churches in the Conference with the possibility of pursuing a Conference-wide partnership. First Congregational is exploring becoming part of this partnership. Two members of our church traveled to Palestine and Israel in the spring of 2015, along with others from the Wisconsin Conference UCC. The wider UCC is launching an eighteen-month “Middle East initiative” beginning July 2015. Opportunities will be available during this time to share, learn and advocate.

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