Worship at First Congregational

A diverse community practicing faith, finding spiritual connection.

Members of all ages participating in a worship service.We are a welcoming, Christian community of faith. We emphasize fellowship, service, learning and wellness, but worship is at the heart of our life together. If you want to experience who we are as people of God, please gather with us in worship.

Embracing the Whole Gospel

We practice an open-minded faith that embraces spiritual growth and reason. We welcome the questions—and the doubts—that lead us toward deeper understanding, and we never shy away from truth by hiding in dogma. The preaching at First Congregational draws from the Bible as a whole, in the context of its own time, and shows us ways in which these ancient lessons apply to our modern faith. You will find our worship to be at once relevant and timeless.

Embracing the Whole Person

No matter who you are or where you are on life's journey, you will find a spiritual home here. We are committed to inclusiveness and acceptance; we acknowledge that everyone has unique blessings and needs; and when we worship together, we support and guide each other toward making the most of our God-given gifts and talents.

Embracing the Whole People of God

We are open to the whole people of God, celebrating a world blessed with diversity of ethnicity, gender, orientation, age, creed and experience. We live widely, exploring our own community and the world, learning from the experiences of others and reaching out to those in need. We live out our faith daily, acting with compassion in a spirit of service and advocacy.

At First Congregational you will find . . .

  • Pastor Steve teaching a Children's Sermon involving alien hats.a lively blending of styles that evoke both laughter and tears and help worship speak equally to heart, soul and mind
  • children’s sermons that speak to children of all ages
  • music that stirs our souls, lifts our hearts and connects us with a diversity of worship styles and musical traditions
  • worship services that are truly an inspiration for service, for carrying out our calling as servant people to our hurting families, community and world
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