Sunday Services

Style of Worship

First Congregational's Sunday morning services blend traditional and more contemporary elements. Some parts of our service connect us with our past, our heritage and our history, while other parts draw on the great diversity of worship styles available to us today.

Our spirited, artful music gives us moments to connect with God in an another way. There is diversity in our music as well, with selections ranging from traditional hymns, to classical instrumental works, to African drumming and jazz.

Typical Sunday Morning

During worship, adults and children gather in the Sanctuary together for the beginning of the service. After the children’s sermon, children sixth grade and younger are escorted from worship to their church school classes in the east wing.

Pick-Up Locations for Children

Pick-up locations for the children are listed in the bulletin every week.

Education programs for adults and youth take place throughout the week and are announced in the fall and spring. For more information on children's and youth programs, please see Children, Youth and Families, and for adult opportunities, please visit Adult Ministries.

Service Schedule

Sunday mornings
8:45 and 10:30 AM (program year)
9:30 AM (summers)

Please see the church calendar for schedule exceptions. See the sidebar for information about Church School and child care.

We celebrate Communion on the first Sunday of each month. We believe that God's Communion table is open; all are welcome to partake of the elements.


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