This week’s gospel lesson tells the story of a miracle. Jesus, his mother, and the disciples were at a wedding, and the wine ran out. I’ve been thinking a lot this week about how Jesus draws on resources close at hand to breathe life back into the party. He instructs the servants to fill some jars with water. They do as he says, and somehow when the chief steward takes a sip of it, it’s the best wine he’s ever tasted.

As I scan the online preacher blogs this week, I see lots of pastors scrambling to figure out how Jesus did it. I’m more interested in why he did it, and what happened as a result. It’s a strange miracle, really. No one is raised from death or healed of a seemingly incurable disease. Jesus takes water, a couple of jugs, some willing servants, and in the end – people have a good time. This miracle results in JOY.

Last night, the Mission and Service Team met. We talked about the number of mission partnerships we have in this congregation. Are you aware of how many ways our congregation makes a difference in this community and beyond? We provide meals, build houses, plant seeds, support mental health awareness, present prayer shawls, advocate for justice, make bunk beds, sponsor students, and more. The resources we use might be financial at times, but they also include simple things like work gloves, 2×4’s, foil casserole pans, and donated yarn. The most precious commodity might be the hours we give – but that time usually brings as much joy to us, as it does to those who benefit from our gift. We haven’t solved homelessness (yet), or hunger (yet), or cured any diseases – but I like to think we’re following Jesus’ lead in the gospel. We use what we have on hand, to make joy possible for others. Many, many others.

Did you ever think of yourself as a miracle worker? You are!

If you have an interest in making a difference in this community, or even beyond, there’s a chance our congregation is already at work making miracles happen, and we’d love to include you in that work. If you have ideas for partnerships we might explore in the future – let us know. The world could use a few more miracles – or at least a little more joy. Thank you, for all the ways you make a difference for others.

Your friend and fellow servant,
Pastor Kathryn Kuhn

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