What a great favor God does to those He places in the company of good people! – St. Teresa of Avila

For many months, the Kenya Partnership Team has been planning and anticipating the arrival of our dear friends, Mildred Chepkonga and Jeremiah Kibor. Finally, they are here!

Mildred and Jeremiah made the long journey from the Kerio Valley, to Nairobi, to Chicago, to Appleton, just in time for last weekend’s winter snowstorm. They arrived Friday night, and spent all day Saturday and Sunday just like the rest of us – in awe of our strange spring weather. Jeremiah, a retired teacher and a leader within the church community in Kerio Valley, had never seen snow. Mildred, a primary school teacher and leader within our partnership, used a snow blower when she visited Wisconsin in 2014, but that was nothing compared to snowshoeing, climbing vast snowbanks, and even helping one of the Van De Hey’s neighbors move their snowbound vehicle. Never in our planning for their visit did we think we could provide such an opportunity for them to experience such historic Wisconsin weather!

This Sunday, we will hear from Mildred and Jeremiah about life in Kenya, the well-being of the students we sponsor, and opportunities for deeper relationship as we prepare to celebrate the 20th year of this partnership in January 2019 when a small group of us travel to Kenya. I hope many of you will attend this week’s 10:30 AM service, where they will share greetings with us, and also join us for lunch in the Fellowship Hall at 11:45 AM. Even if you have not signed up to attend, you are most welcome to join us.

In the brief time I have spent with our Kenyan friends, I have learned so much about their country, the educational system in Kenya, and even some of the tribal history that affects current events. I have heard about their families, and they have asked about mine. We have spoken of faith, hope and determination. We have begun to envision next steps for our partnership. Our friendship is growing, not according to our plan, but according to God’s plan. I hope you’ll take the opportunity to greet our Kenyan friends while they are with us. You will truly be blessed if you do!

Your friend and fellow minister, Pastor Kathryn

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