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We’re O.F.F. – First Congo’s Outdoor Fun and Fellowship group! We organize several planned outings each year. Now we’re thinking about providing an additional way for First Congo members to connect for outdoor activities, on a more spur-of-the-moment or casual basis.

If you are interested in connecting with members who would like to hike, golf, bicycle, play tennis, canoe, or kayak, O.F.F. will be setting up a group on REALM where you can find others with that interest.

How will this work? Say, if on a Monday you see the weather is going to be perfect for biking on Tuesday, you could pick a time and meeting place and send out a notice via Realm to other people in your group. This will allow you to find other members via the O.F.F. Connection, who would like to meet up to bike that day too!

The first step in setting up the O.F.F. Connection is to see what your outdoor interests are! Please let us know by June 30. Complete the survey located in the Narthex next to the We’re O.F.F. binder and scan/email to Nancy Brown-Koeller at or drop off in the office.

We’re O.F.F. Making Connections!

(All First Congregational policies apply to any activity. Anyone signing up for We’re O.F.F. Connections can unsubscribe or withdraw their name from the list at any time.)

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