A few weeks ago, Fox Valley Warming Shelter’s Manager posted a story about one of her clients on Facebook. Good news is sometimes hard to find, so I thought I’d share it with you, too.

One August morning, this staff person took three of her clients to do some volunteer landscaping. After several hours of hard labor on a hot day, she drove the clients to McDonald’s for lunch to thank them. While there, one of the clients noticed a woman in her car, drenched in sweat, appearing unresponsive. He leapt out of the Shelter Manager’s car and tended to the woman. Here’s what happened next:

“The client and I opened her car door to get some air in the car in which she finally responded and came to. The client ruffled through his backpack giving her a shirt to wipe the sweat from her face, offered her the soda and rest of the food he JUST received for busting his butt all morning, and assisted her out of the car, walking her to a shaded area. The young woman explained her car was dead, so the same client popped her hood, and searched around McDonald’s asking if anyone could help her charge her battery so she could make it back to Wisconsin Rapids. The only reason he didn’t do it himself was because his 10- hour work shift was starting soon and he couldn’t be late. I watched this man give everything he had to a woman he just met. He was more concerned about her well being than his own at that given moment.

…This man is going through a temporary homeless episode….and put his food, clothing, and job on the line to make sure this woman was okay. Homelessness doesn’t define someone, it’s a situation and a temporary set back a human being may experience.”

I am often inspired by the staff and volunteers of our local agencies who resource the homeless community, as well as by the many who – no matter who they are, or where they are on life’s journey – give whatever they can, do whatever they can, for someone else’s benefit.

Thanks to you, too, church – for being among the “good news makers” in our world!

Your friend and fellow servant-in-training, Pastor Kathryn Kuhn


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