Over the past twelve months, nineteen confirmands and their mentors have gathered to have conversation about Christian faith. Their conversations come from an adapted curriculum called Way to Live: Christian Practices for Teenagers. The goal of these conversations is to become more aware of God’s presence and our response in everyday life. This is a significant commitment, and I want to express my gratitude to everyone involved.

First, our mentors come from a variety of backgrounds. Many are members of this church, some are not. While their faith backgrounds are diverse, they are unified in their commitment to be supportive of their confirmand coming into membership with our church, and our unique values. I am so thankful for the ways they have guided and shepherded our young people. Well done mentors!

Second, I should say thanks to all the parents! You have managed complex schedules, offered rides, and prioritized this experience among a lot of competing interests! Getting to know your confirmand has truly been a gift, and I hope it’s the beginning of a number of years of growing and serving together.

Third, I want to say thanks to our unbelievably dedicated Confirmation Volunteer Coordinator, Phil Hornseth. He has taught classes in my absence, helped prepare for events, and displayed a deep Christ-like care for our confirmation ministry. We all owe Phil a huge thank-you for his steadfast service and commitment. Well done good and faithful servant!

Lastly, I want to share some of the confirmand’s beliefs, taken from the confirmands faith statements posted in the Narthex. I encourage you to read and learn from these statements. Enjoy the variety of places our young disciples speak from. Have hope that God is working through both them and us as we refine the ways in which we live in this world together. I share portions of the faith statements in the following pages. After reading them, ask yourself:

What would your faith statement include beyond God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and the Church? What concepts would be important to define and include or leave out? Where can you stand firm in a specific belief, and where might you be unsure and have doubt?

Grace and Peace, Pastor Nick

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