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The first two rotations of Church School for the 2018-2019 program year concluded. The children had fun learning about the classic story of Noah and the Rainbow Promise in Rotation One and about Faithful Believers Around the World in Rotation Two.

This year, a change was made in how the lessons are delivered to the children. While we followed the same Bible story, it was taught in different ways for five weeks. The children remain with the same teacher for the five-week period. This allowed teachers and children to get to know each other and to develop rapport and relationships. Attendance has been outstanding; far surpassing last year’s numbers. The children have responded well to the new changes.

The teachers for the first two rotations are listed below. Please take a moment and thank these individuals when you see them for sharing their time and talents with the children of First Congregational UCC. 

Rotation One Teachers:

Kindergarten: Dianne Droster

First Grade: Maja Glidden

Second Grade: Jolene Scribner

Third and Fourth Grade: Julie Michels

Rotation Two Teachers:

Kindergarten: Kristina Smits

First Grade:  Kerry Wauters

Second Grade: Karla Baier

Third and Fourth Grade: Sarah Wilterdink

Substitute Teacher who taught several Sundays: Aimee Eubank

Volunteer teacher Katie Jahnke and Colleen Berry started a Tween Ministry Church School program this year.

A separate curriculum was used with our Tweens (5th and 6th graders) allowing for more detailed learning of Bible stories and activities that are more suited to that age group. The attendance has been fantastic with anywhere from 15 – 23, 5th and 6th graders joining us each week. 

Please thank Katie Jahnke, if you see her for sharing her time and talents each week with the 5th and 6th grade children.

Finally, as always, a special thank you goes out to Shari Mitchell who is once again teaching the three – and four-year-old children for the entire year. What a special gift she is to First Congregational UCC. 

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