Friends, Pastor Kathryn asked that the following message be extended to our church family:

Dear friends,

I am so grateful for your prayers and love which have surrounded me since returning early from the Kenya trip. My family and I will continue to ask for those prayers and rely on that love in the days to come. Many of you know that in 2011, I went through extensive treatment for breast cancer. I have been a proud survivor for many years. A little more than one month ago, I began to experience back pain. The pain had several logical explanations, so I assumed it would resolve. The travel to Kenya seemed to worsen the situation, so I had an MRI in a Kenyan hospital. That scan, and the tests done here in Wisconsin this week, confirm the worst-case scenario. The cancer has returned. In coming weeks, I’ll have radiation treatment as well as further testing to determine options for chemotherapy. This has been devastating for me personally, and for my family. I have felt so blessed to be in ministry with you at First Congo. I will need at least a few weeks to see what might be possible in terms of treatment. I pray for your patience, grace and prayers throughout that time, as I will continue to pray for all of you.

With love, Pastor Kathryn


Thank you for your faithful prayers and loving thoughts for Pastor Kathryn, her husband Karl, and their children, Josh and Claire, through this difficult time ahead.

We will have posters to sign in the narthex over the next two Sundays that will carry our thoughts and prayers to Pastor Kathryn. 

If you’d like to send your own card or note, we would encourage you to send it to church and we will pass it on to her. 

The Apostle Paul was wise to remind us that, as the Body of Christ, when one rejoices all rejoice together and, when one suffers, all suffer together.

Thank you for your loving concern for the Kuhn family and for your church family.

We will all need each other’s loving and caring presence in the days ahead.

Your friend and fellow minister,

Rev. Steve Savides

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