Sunday, April 7 • Both Services

The Building Committee was appointed by the Church Council last fall to explore the long-term needs of our facility as it ages and as our ministry needs and goals change. Throughout the last few months, we have:

  • Reviewed the recommendations of the Building Study Task Force;
  • Toured the building;
  • Initiated visits with other churches who have faced similar challenges with their facilities;
  • Interviewed key staff;
  • Reviewed our church’s strategic plan and asked bigger questions of mission in relation to our facilities;
  • And compiled a list of concerns/challenges/needs facing the building.

We are now ready to make our preliminary report to all of you. On Sunday, April 7, during both worship services, we will make a special report to the congregation on our progress and to share the issues facing our facility. 

At the conclusion of the presentation, we will distribute comment cards for you to offer your feedback. We also will hold listening sessions in the Chapel after each service for those who would like to ask questions or have further conversation.

If you can’t attend on April 7, we would invite you to live-stream one of the services via the website ( The written and video versions of the presentation are now available. Please review the building report and the comment card.

All members can also email their feedback to [email protected]

We look forward to sharing what we have discovered with each of you. We pray for God’s guidance for us as First Congregational United Church of Christ as together we seek to be faithful to our calling in present mission and future hope!

Yours truly, The Building Committee
Eric Bauman, Sheryl De Hart, Don Hietpas, Wayne Lannoye, Mike Loomis, Sue Mauthe (chair),
Rev. Steve Savides (ex-officio), Tori Schultz (secretary), Jolene Scribner

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