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Please help us fill the Back Bay Mission box in the Narthex with nutrition/protein bars such as Balance, Special K, or Power Bars – the types with protein and travel-sized toothpaste donations. Those going to Back Bay’s Mission in April would like to take some things their clients could use. On previous Back Bay Mission trips, we personally saw a big need for nutrition bars and travel-size toothpaste. Day shelter clients stop by in the morning and receive a snack (e.g. Doritos or Cheetos) while waiting for a shower. That is probably the only “food” they have until lunch – a two-mile walk away. Many clients aren’t able to carry a full-size tube of toothpaste around. So we would like to emphasize those items – but we will take anything on the Back Bay Wish List posted on the box.

Additionally, if you have a Thrivent account and have not used your Action Grant for something this year, that $250 could fund a Hygiene Kit project for Back Bay Mission. Contact Nancy Brown-Koeller for more information.

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