Thank You to Our Awesome Church School Teachers

Church School would not be possible without the volunteer teachers who give their time and talent to teach First Congregational UCC’s children.

Please take a moment to thank the Rotation Four teachers who volunteered their time and talents.

Three-and Four-Year-Old Children:

Shari Mitchell

Kindergarten: Sharon Clothier

First Grade: Heidi Richter

Second Grade: Maja Glidden

Third and Fourth Grade:

Nancy Brown-Koeller

5th and 6th Grade: Katie Jahnke

(Co-taught with Colleen Berry)

Substitute Teachers for this rotation:  Dianne Droster, Dana Mattingly and Aimee Eubank.

Church School News

As we enter March, we just finished our Church School Fourth Rotation. Our theme this year has been “Faithful Believers” and in this rotation the children learned about Queen Esther. Workshops in this rotation included one that focused on her “inner beauty” and courage. The children created “inner beauty” dolls and/or shields. They also learned about other women of courage in a Women’s History Workshop. (March is Women’s History month). They also learned that God works through willing people (like Esther AND maybe them one day) to assure that justice is being done. In a Prayer Workshop, children learned how we can all turn to prayer and seek guidance from God when we are faced with a difficult decision (like Esther did).

They made prayer journals to take home with them to use in the future. In a Purim Celebration Workshop, they learned how Esther’s Story in the Bible is celebrated by members of the Jewish faith. The Tween Ministry is also now in full swing. Each week, the 5th and 6th graders have lessons separate from the Church School Rotation. This has allowed for deeper levels of study with this age group and more chances for question and discussion. The Tweens learned about Jesus’ early life, how to read and refer to the Bible, in a series of “Bible Basics” lessons. We also celebrate birthdays each month, ask for their input in future lessons and engage in fun team building activities.

Be sure to check out the new bulletin boards on the bridge because the Tweens designed them.

The fifth rotation of Church School began this past Sunday. The children attended science, object lesson, Bible story and game workshops.  The theme of this rotation is “Easter-I’m a Believer.”

The children are learning about ways that they can follow in Jesus’ footsteps by remembering the important messages the Easter story relays. Teachers for this rotation are: Amanda Hatch, Sharon Clothier, Nancy Brown-Koeller, Jolene Scribner, Dianne Droster, Shari Mitchell, Kerry Wauters and Katie Jahnke.

Please take time to thank these amazing volunteers who share their time and talents with First Congregational UCC’s children.

Please note: The Family Worship Area is available to children ages 3-10. Older children should worship with their family. Parents and guardians, please sit in close proximity to your children and supervise them so that all may enjoy the worship service.

Mark Your Calendars!

As spring and the busy Easter period approaches, mark your calendars with the following significant dates:

Masterworks in Worship Sunday – April 14



Annual Easter Egg Hunt

(Between Easter Services)

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