Thank you to all of our members who volunteered, attended or visited General Synod 32 in Milwaukee!

First Congo was among the top 10 congregations of the Wisconsin Conference UCC providing volunteer support for the General Synod, which welcomed over 800 voting delegates and hundreds of other attendees.

Synod guests from other Conferences and the national office were deeply grateful for the warm hospitality provided through our Conference.

In addition to volunteering, many members of First Congo joined the estimated 4,000 worshipers on Sunday afternoon, June 23 and the 500+ Synod attendees who rallied on Monday, June 24, in support of immigrant rights, and against ICE policies such the separation of families at the border.

Additional updates will be available soon; check out for more information on General Synod 32. Please consider attending General Synod 33 in Kansas City, MO in 2021!

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