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Attached is a link to the video sermon presented in this morning’s worship service by Rev. Otis Moss III, Senior Pastor of Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago. First Congo has a special relationship with Trinity. For over a decade we have taken every confirmation class to worship as part of an overnight retreat. Hundreds of our youth and mentors have worshiped there. We are always overwhelmed with their hospitality of being recognized in worship and greeted with innumerable hugs and words of love and grace.
Trinity is the largest UCC in the United States and has a remarkable outreach in mission and service to the world. Trinity serves as a beacon of hope, community life, and faithful witness to the light of Christ. This is a church that creates whole life teachings, health care and advocacy, and builds bridges of understanding across social, political, and racial divides.

NOTE: the youtube video tends to play at a midpoint, so you may need to “rewind” it to the very beginning.

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