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Dear Friends,

I am writing to let you know that starting July 13, I am taking an extended leave of medical absence. Much to my surprise, my prior spinal surgeries have been ineffective in repairing my congenital spinal condition. It’s a mixture of bad luck, under-treatment, and misdiagnosis. I am now under care at Mayo and scheduled for surgery July 17. I have an extraordinarily high chance of a successful outcome, which is a permanent repair. I am focusing on that good news combined with the knowledge I have a whole department working collaboratively on my case! However, the surgery required is extensive and will require a long recovery time. I plan on being away three months and if it’s successful, I should be able to return to light duty in October. The full recovery takes one year. As you can imagine, this is greatly complicated by the pandemic and has forced some difficult choices for me and my family.

I know many of you have experienced the frustration and disappointment of major life set-backs. Both the pastors and our church leadership are working together to insure sustainable pastoral coverage during these times. My family and I are blessed by FCUCC’s support, great health insurance, and access to one of the nation’s premier orthopedic spine groups. We also have additional resources as well if we should need them. However, I deeply treasure my ministry with all of you and look forward to the day where I can return whole, and ready for our mission together! I will miss this community while I am gone.

In the meantime, prayers or cards are appreciated! I will not check email while I am away but our address is on Realm. Until we see one another again, I pray that we all can continue to praise God for everyday we have on this beautiful earth, for the blessings of our time together, and the promise of a future filled with hope!

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Nick

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