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Dear Friends,

As you may have heard, my spinal reconstruction at Mayo went excellently. It was a long surgery but I can already tell the results are superior. The care I received at Mayo was second to none. It’s going to be a slow road to recovery but I have been able to manage my pain well. Most importantly, I no longer have any nerve pain and can feel my legs and feet again; thank God!

Second, Amanda and I wanted to say thanks. We deeply appreciated the cards that many of you have sent to encourage me. I have enjoyed reading all of them and you have helped remind me that “this too shall pass”. Your thoughtfulness and sincerity is deeply touching. Also, we really have appreciated the “meal train gift cards”. This has relieved some significant work for Amanda and also helped me to try and catch up on calories.

It’s going to be some time before I can be with everyone again via online worship. In the meantime, I pray for our whole church, community, and nation as we endure some tough times personally and corporately. I also pray we live everyday filled with the gratitude for little things, learning to see the myriad of blessings which come from God.

Grace and Peace,

Nick & Amanda (and Maddison, Elijah, and our dog River)

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