Hello Everyone!

Well, it has been a few weeks since my last update so I thought I would check in. I continue to slowly progress, with some steps back then some forward. I have had a recurrence of nerve pain and that has been difficult but it is to be expected. Importantly, my first follow up appointment went well with everything progressing as it should. I am enjoying starting to take short walks and do incredible things, like dishes and folding laundry (both at counter height)!

My family and I have felt very cared for by our church during this time. We have received an outpouring of encouraging cards (pictured) which I have read more than once. These well wishes bring me hope and affirm once again the deeply caring and extensive network of people that compose our congregation. Now that I have some energy to think, read, and reflect I continue to marvel at our loving and diverse community and how privileged I am to be one of your Pastors. We also have been enjoying from those who sent us gift cards: thank you so very much.

Lastly, I wanted to wish everyone well as we are at the unofficial end to our summer season. To those who are traveling and enjoying these last hot weeks, have a great and safe time! To those preparing for a new school year in a very different setting, good luck! To those struggling financially or whose jobs are uncertain, I hold you in prayer. To those who continue to be painfully isolated and for our young people who will not start the year with friends, may God’s steadfast presence which endures forever give you strength. Wherever you are at in this season, I wish you God’s peace.

I will check in again in a few weeks.

Grace to you,
Nick & Amanda (and Maddison, Elijah, and our dog River)

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