Help ESTHER-Fox Valley and appear in a music video!

We invite you to “SPREAD A LITTLE HAPPINESS” – smile, dance or just wave to a great song by Nathan Angelo (composer) and Sam Nulton (arranger) which will be used for this year’s online ESTHER Banquet on November 1. Adults, teens children, families; all are welcome!

There are two ways to participate:

1. We invite folks young and old to join us Sunday, October 18 at 1:00 PM in the First Congo UCC parking lot (stay in your cars to begin with so we can organize safely.) There we will video you ‘Spreading a little Happiness’ to this fun song. We will direct you on what to do – don’t worry. Here is the link to the song:


2. If you would like to participate but would rather send in your video please follow the instructions below. It is so simple and takes no more than a minute.

To send a video:
Take a 3-7 second video of someone “spreading happiness!” There is virtually no wrong way to do this, as long as it looks happy. You can dance with your arms in the air, spin in a circle, show yourself watering a plant, show your family hugging, take a video of you hugging a tree, show someone jogging and smiling, riding a bike looking happy, doing something for someone like cooking or helping someone in the yard, the list is endless!

Please use your phone in landscape position (sideways) as you video and use the following link to upload:

Thank you to Nathan and Sam for allowing us to use their song.

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