Special All Saints Observance

Sunday, November 1

11:00 AM – 11:20 AM

First Congo Main Parking Lot

It has been our tradition to have a reading of the names of the saints who have died in the previous year during our All Saints Service.

In order to give our grief and their honor a greater outlet, we will be having a special All Saints Observance in our church parking lot at 11:00 AM on Sunday, November 1. It will be a brief service, 20 minutes or so, with hymn singing and bell ringing and, most importantly, the naming of the saints. We wanted to do this as safely as possible, so you will remain in your car as the brief service is broadcast with an FM transmitter.

You will be directed to enter through the east entrance of our main parking lot. Just past the entrance, you will have an opportunity to pick up an E2F pan. You will then be directed to park in every other space in the lot, where you will be offered communion elements and bulletins by the clergy. “Sunday School at Home” kits assembled by Miss Colleen and the Children’s Ministry team will also be available. The service will begin at 11:00 AM.

In the case of rain or snow, the E2F pans, Sunday School kits, bulletins and communion elements will be stationed under the First Congo portico. Once you receive your items you can then proceed to the parking lot for the service. For those who are not attending the special service, E2F pans, Sunday School kits, and communion will continue to be distributed until 12:00 PM

We hope you will join us and invite your neighbors, too. May God bless this gathering, comforting us in our loss and fear, and offering us the most precious gift of faith in Eternal Life!

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