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Kathryn Kuhn, our former Pastor of Congregational Care and Mission, died at age 51 on Monday, November 2nd, the day after All Saints Day.  Kathryn was dearly beloved by our congregation and often expressed that her service at First Congo was the highlight of her long career in ministry.  In my years of ministry, I have never seen a congregation bond with a pastor as quickly as this congregation did with Kathryn.  I am proud of this congregation for their loving care of Kathryn especially through the 20 months since her cancer returned after years of remission.  Her strength, courage, and determination through this struggle has been an example to all of us.  Her intelligence, humor, loving spirit, and deep faith has blessed us and will continue to bless all of us who were privileged by her ministry and her presence.  I know I join with all of you in lifting up prayers of thanksgiving for Kathryn’s life and ministry and prayers of comfort for her husband, Karl, their children, Josh and Claire, and all of us who are grieved by this loss.  Further details about funeral arrangements and memorial gift designations will be coming soon.

God bless you,
Pastor Steve

“For this God is our God for ever and ever; and will be our guide even unto death.” (Psalm 48:14)


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