Mondays, December 14 – February 8

6:00-7:30 PM (on Zoom)

All of us have suffered losses through this time of pandemic: loss of jobs, loss of loving social contact, loss of loved ones, loss of the everyday pleasures and freedoms that so enrich our lives. For many of us, that grief has led to loneliness, isolation, and depression. To help us with that, First Congo is teaming up with Samaritan Counsel Center of the Fox Valley. 

Led by a Samaritan counselor, Elysabeth Meehan, we will be offering a Grief Support Group over Zoom on Monday evenings from 6:00-7:30 PM, December 14 through February 8. Feel free to invite a friend to join with you. There is no charge to take part in the group; First Congo and Samaritan are joining together to provide this service. 

We all need some extra loving support to help us face these difficult times. If you’re interested, please email Elysabeth at [email protected] to receive further information and to get registered for the group. A Zoom link to join the group will be provided once you are registered. 

May God bless us as we seek to support one another!

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