Wednesday, January 27

6:30 PM – 8:30 PM (on Zoom)

What do you do if someone you love tells you they are transgender?

There are so many questions: What does it mean to transition? Will their name change? Do they have a doctor and healthcare? What happens with medication and surgery? Will they be safe? What laws will protect them? What do you say to family and friends? What is the difference between gender identity and sexual orientation?

Annette and John Grunseth will share answers to these questions through a PowerPoint presentation and readings from their book, “Becoming Trans-Parent: One Family’s Journey of Gender Transition (accessible poetry).

Annette and John are longtime members of First Congregational UCC. When their adult child came out to them in 2013 as a transgender woman, they offered unconditional love and acceptance. They have become advocates for human rights for all and openly share their story to help other transgender people, families and allies. John, with a career in human resources/training and working with employment law teams up with Annette and her career of marketing and communications / poetry to offer an educational program about gender identity and transition.

Your questions are welcome at the end of the presentation. All are invited to attend.

Zoom link to the meeting:

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