Handout: Sunday, April 25

10:15 AM-11:15 AM

Drive-thru style at First Congo

Hand In: Sunday, May 2

10:15 AM-11:15 AM

Drive-thru style at First Congo

The E2F (Empty to Full) Pans Program will have a no contact, drive thru system for hand out and collection of E2F Pans this spring. This collection will provide needed prepared pans of food for Apricity. Apricity provides those impacted by substance use disorders a full spectrum of care including treatment, employment and support services in a safe, progressive recovery community.

In the past, E2F Pans have primarily benefited Pillars Adult & Family Shelter. After conversations with Pillars, it has been determined they aren’t currently in need of this kind of food service. We will continue to provide E2F Pans for their benefit as needed – possibly in the fall.

How E2F Pans works:

A few volunteers will be ready to give an empty pan (or more) to those who come in their vehicle. There won’t be direct contact. Return of the filled pans will happen in the same way. Volunteers will bring the collected pans to freezer space at Apricity.

A recipe, directions and a prayer are included in each empty pan. We would be asking those who are already going to the grocery store to pick up additional groceries found on a list in the empty pan. The cost for groceries is approximately $11-13.

If you are unable to pick up or return a pan at the designated time or have questions, please contact: Cindi MacSwain at [email protected] or call (920) 606-6699. There won’t be access to the inside of the church for pick up or drop off as was done in the past.

Thank-you for your generous service in this adjusted ministry!

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