A memorial service for Rev. Kathryn Kuhn will be held on Saturday, May 8 at 11:00 AM. The service will be at Peace United Church of Christ in Kewaskum, with a reception to follow at River Hill Park, also in Kewaskum.

Rev. Kim Henning will be presiding, with support from Rev. Becky Johnston, Rev. Steve Savides, Rev. Nick Hatch, Rev. Eric Kirkegaard, and Clare Kuhn.

Seating in the sanctuary will be limited, but there are three other avenues for people to participate in the service:

  • Livestreaming and a recording of the service will be available for any who wish to participate from home
  • Livestreaming will be available in the church fellowship hall
  • Livestreaming will be available at River Hill Park under a large shelter

Registration links to sign up for the sanctuary, church fellowship hall, and River Hill Park are now available on the Caring Bridge page for Kathryn. A livestream link is posted there as well.


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