On August 23, First Congo’s Medical Advisory Team produced a set of recommendations for staff and ministry as they move into the fall with a rise in Covid cases due to the Delta variant. These specific recommendations will remain in effect for the foreseeable future but will be reassessed throughout the fall.

    • We will have in-person programming in addition to in-person worship. However, all in-person programming should take into consideration:
    • Masked, socially distanced by using largest space possible, encourage airflow in space, consider amount of time in one space.
    • Keep attendance for contact tracing, notify groups if a positive case within the group arises. For unvaccinated groups, pause the program for two weeks if anyone has had an exposure. If you have an illness you are encouraged to stay home and let us know if you have a positive Covid case.
  • Staff should resume wearing a mask and socially distancing when meeting in-person.
  • FCUCC’s masking policy will remain in effect for the foreseeable future. This means no indoor dining as that would require the removal of a mask.
  • Fellowship on Sundays should remain outdoors as long as possible.
  • The prior recommendations stand as previously communicated:
    • We will continue to ask everyone to mask for worship. We know it’s a sacrifice, but we hope it’s one you’ll continue to make for the health of our community, particularly for those (because of their youth or pre-existing conditions) who are not yet able to be vaccinated. This also takes on particular importance right now when infection, hospitalization and death rates are rising in every state of our nation due to the Delta variant of Covid-19. Remember that even those who are vaccinated can catch the virus and pass it on. And remember the Apostle Paul’s encouragement to be a united Body of Christ so that “when one suffers, all suffer together; when one rejoices, all rejoice together.”
  • We also realize that there are members of our church and community who have been vaccinated but whose health makes masking very difficult or even impossible. We invite those so affected to join us for worship, maskless and socially distanced, in the Chapel and then join us outdoors for Fellowship after worship where we can all safely gather maskless.
  • While our church doors remain locked during the week, church member small groups of 15 or less are welcome to meet in the building (all members must be masked) during office hours. You can also meet after office hours if a church staff member is there to open the doors and meet with you. Please contact the church office (920-733-7393) to reserve either the Upper Lounge, Chapel or Library. We are not using the downstairs rooms due to the maintenance being done on the elevator. For the time being, the building will remain closed to outside groups.

Thank you for your continued understanding during these challenging times.

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