October 31, 2021 to January 9, 2022

Our Turtle Trek Challenge will raise funds for the residents of the Pine Ridge reservation through our mission partner, Re-Member. “Re-Member is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, which works with the Oglala Lakota Nation on Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota USA. We improve the quality of reservation life through relationships, shared resources and volunteer services” (quoted from the Re-Member Website, www.re-member.org). Turtle Trek donations will directly fund fuel costs for the Oglala Lakota people living on Pine Ridge.

Directions for participation in the Turtle Trek Challenge:

  • Contact sponsors and record their pledges. Download the pledge sheet
  • Keep track of your miles. Ten miles a week for ten weeks is your promise to your sponsors. You can walk, jog, ski, snowshoe, use your treadmill, etc.
  • Once you have completed the 10-week, 100-mile trek (end date is January 9) please let your sponsors know. Trekkers should keep track of pledges, collect them from sponsors’ (as checks made out to First Congo UCC or as cash) and submit them all at once to the church office no later than Sunday, January 23.
  • The official Turtle Trek launch will take place on Sunday, October 31, departing from the church parking lot at 11:00 AM. Those of us able to join the launch will complete our first mile(s) by walking along the Fox River. Please wear your masks for this event!
  • Turtle Trekkers can celebrate the successful conclusion of their
    100-mile journey with a victory lap on Sunday, January 9. Meet us at the church parking lot!


Questions? Contact Eilene Hoft-March at [email protected]

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