Would You Consider Fostering a Child in Outagamie County?

Currently, in Outagamie County, there is an extraordinarily large number of foster cases and children need help.  The number is large and the services to help these children are quite stressed for three reasons.

  1. There is just an unusually large number of cases particularly in Outagamie County.
  2. Case managers are leaving their positions here and are taking positions in other counties where the case numbers are much smaller. This increases the burden for Outagamie case managers to service more clients.
  3. There is also a backlog of circuit court cases that need to be resolved which determine if birth parents are able or are no longer able to care for their children.

The Mission and Service team has invited Andrea Lemke-Rochon, Foster Care Coordinator at Outagamie County, to answer any questions that families and individuals might have about fostering a child.

Join us for a Q&A session after worship on Sunday, November 14 in the Chapel.

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