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Wednesday, November 10

6:30 PM on Zoom

What Indigenous Peoples have embraced over thousands of years of traditional thought—that humankind is inextricably connected to the natural world—is beginning to penetrate the consciousness of faith communities. Pope Francis in his 2015 “Laudato Si” urged people of faith to recognize that “each creature has its own purpose.” Our own United Church of Christ has become the first mainline

Protestant denomination to proclaim publicly that nature has rights (Conference proceedings, July 2021).
What does it mean to talk about the “rights of nature”? How might it change our thinking about our world and all of our relationships? And how might we support “the movement of Indigenous Peoples to grant legal standing to nature” (UCC conference resolution, July 18, 2021)? Find out more by watching the online documentary “The Rights of Nature: A Global Movement” (free on Youtube) at and by participating in a live, Zoom presentation/discussion with Mari Margil, Executive Director for the Center for Democratic and Environmental Rights (Spokane, WA).

Her chat with us will be on Wednesday evening, November 10, 6:30 PM.
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