Thank you for taking the time to complete a short questionnaire. First Congregational UCC Appleton is at a crossroads. We are experiencing a significant pastoral transition over the next number of months, meanwhile still living through the Covid pandemic. As we will soon be seeking an interim Pastor and then quickly move to find a permanent Pastor, we need greater clarity and confidence around three questions: “Who have we been? Who are we now? What is God’s dream for us moving into the future?” These are the questions we will need answers to as we move into the hiring process. Your opinions and experiences matter and are taken seriously.

The answers to these questions will be kept on the secure server of our consultants through this process, Vandersall Collective. They are all anonymous and from the collated responses, our consultants will be looking for themes and visions towards the future. No one at First Congregational will see individual responses to the questions, only compilations therefore.

One more note: we are asking for demographic information so that we can look at trends based on a variety of identifying factors. We ask for your cooperation in filling in that information you will find at the beginning and end of the survey.

Our future is not up to any single one of us. In the end, it is up to God, but to know God’s whisperings and proddings, we need to hear from the hearts of each of you, the entirety of who has been brought to this time and this place.

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