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As friends, Mildred Chepkonga and I message each other, often sharing about our families. When I received a message from her about attending worship at Liter that morning and hearing gunshots, bandits coming onto the church property, everyone in worship running for their lives, the elderly who couldn’t run hiding where they could- my heart stops.

And we pray. We feel helpless. Yet Mildred assures me that our prayers make a difference, that knowing we are with them in spirit and prayer helps them go on. And sometimes there are other ways we can help.

In an effort to keep Liter church and mission station a safe haven amidst escalating insecurity, elders sold the church cow and began erecting a chain link fence with barbed wire on top around the compound. As partners and friends, we contributed funds as well. While funds weren’t yet sufficient to complete the fence, it has made an impact. Our friends from Liter church shared their gratitude and thanks in a letter recently received (see below).

– Deb Burich

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