Saturday, March 5, 2022

9:00 AM – 11:30 AM

Registration closes Tuesday, February 22

Join us for a break from the ordinary! We’ll spend the morning creating together, deepening our spiritual practices, and celebrating with a feast for the senses as we prepare for spring. We’ll worship, celebrate communion, honor Ash Wednesday, and let ourselves be overwhelmed by the beauty of God’s world.

Each participant will receive a “retreat in a box,” which you’ll pick up from the church on Sunday, February 27 to Tuesday, March 1. If travel is not a viable option for you at this time, we will arrange delivery of your box. The box is a self-paced home retreat that will dovetail with our shared virtual retreat. You can register even if you are unavailable on Saturday, March 5 and still receive a box. On Saturday, March 5, we’ll meet virtually over zoom for a mixture of large and small group time full of reflection, connecting, and communion.

The retreat is open to anyone identifying as a woman, ages 15 and above. Please let us know of your interest in joining us and/or receiving a box no later than February 22 by registering on Realm, or by calling the church office at (920) 733-7393. We would appreciate any early registrations so we can plan for the retreat. (Donations of $10-$20 are appreciated towards the cost of the retreat and materials. Donations can be made to the church via cash or check.)

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