Mentor Information

It is an honor to have a young person request you as a mentor through the Confirmation process. Here are the details of your commitment:

  • Pair with a Confirmand to act as his/her adult guide and fellow student of the Christian faith.
  • Attend approximately 20 Wednesday evening gatherings (6:30–7:30 PM) a few times a month over the school year.
  • Attend a special celebration near the end of the Confirmation process to support the Confirmand as they present their faith statement.
  • Be present on Confirmation Sunday to take part in the laying on of hands for the Confirmand and to receive the congregation’s thanks for your role in the Confirmation ministry.

This is a one-year commitment. Mentors and Confirmands work in teams, so missing a meeting or two is acceptable. Another mentor would be available on these occasions.

Mentor Background Check Information

Part of our role at First Congregational is creating a safe and welcoming environment for people of all ages. This means we are all accountable to one another. It takes about one week to finish this process, please be timely. To be a mentor at First Congo, you must:

  • Pass a criminal background check. Please fill out the paper copy of the Volunteer Application and return it to the office. “Passing” means that when we receive the report, there isn’t a criminal background pertinent to you working with a child, being safe around others, or trustworthy as part of our team.
  • Once we receive the form, you will also receive an invitation for online training. This will appear in your email from “Mobilize My Ministry”. There is a 30-40 minute video that you must watch accompanied by a brief quiz you must pass (70% or better).
  • Once both the criminal background check and the online training are complete, you are finished.

Thank you very much for completing these requirements and showing accountability to your Confirmand and the group for this special role.

Mentor Forms:

Volunteer Application and Background Check Authorization

SafeConduct Code of Conduct