Current Projects and Ministries in Kenya

Over the years, the focus of our financial support in Kenya shifts as the needs in the region change. These projects are currently eligible for your support.

Student Sponsorship Program

The Kenyan government provides free education for all children through grade eight. Attending high school, however, is the financial responsibility of families, and in many cases, this is a burden that simply cannot be met.

The Kerio Valley District Church Council, a group of twenty churches, has established a team that distributes aid to students seeking additional education. The team screens for the most motivated students and for those with the greatest financial need. We at First Congregational UCC then pair the selected students with enthusiastic sponsors, enriching the lives of students and sponsors alike.

Costs of the program
$500/$250 provides full or half sponsorships.

Makini Pads Project

In working to support education for Kenyan students, we learned that many young girls consistently miss school on a monthly basis due to lack of resources for their personal hygiene needs during menstruation.

We are partnering with Kenya Works, a multi-faceted, Kenya-based initiative. Thanks to their Makini Project, we have been able to provide washable, reusable sanitary napkins and panties for the Liter School for Girls. Makini means “dignity” in Swahili, and support of this project ensures better school attendance and increased dignity for young women.

Costs of the program
$12.50 provides sanitary pads/panties for one girl for one year.
$2,500 provides sanitary pads/panties for 200 girls at Liter Girls School for one year.

Women’s Entrepreneurship Program

First Congregational provides start-up funds and training for small businesses run by women. The women receive loans from a central fund, and as they repay, the fund applies its interest income toward the support of additional entrepreneurs. The women report back that, thanks to these loans, they are now able to pay school fees for their children and feed their families.

Costs of the program
$500 provides startup costs and beginning inventory for a small business.
$250 provides expansion of a small business.
Donations of any amount are accepted for the Student Supplemental Fund.