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  • Susan Cartmell

"Listening Sessions: What did we learn?

I would like to thank everyone who participated in the Listening Sessions. We heard from over 300 of you, in person, on zoom, through confirmation, or online. Thanks to the twelve section leaders who led groups and compiled data. Special thanks to the office team who organized the data. My gratitude to Jackie Burton who used her expertise as a data analyst to organize our findings. Here is what we learned. 5 top answers in each category.

What Do You Like About First Congregational? Since they were so close I listed 6 here.

Community/ Members/Relationships (67 people said)

Special services/ Events (64)

Inclusivity/Progressive Values/ Open Door/ Diversity (62)

Music (58)

Sunday Service/ Sermons (56)

Community Service/ involvement (55)

What are the things about the church’s history that make you most proud?

Service/ Community involvement (26)

Children/Families (20) Social justice Leader (19)

Church Members (18)

Physical Building (17)

What do you wish you could change about the church?

Member engagement/ Involvement (34)

Diversity (22)

Community Connection and Outreach

(16) Engaging Younger Populations (children/ youth/families)

(14) Communication (11)

Feb. 19 – What do you seek in a new senior pastor?

Good Preacher (29)

Strong Organizational Leadership (24)

Inspiring/ Empowering/ Motivating (22)

Down to earth/Relatable/ Humble/Humor (20)

Community Leader/ Committed to this Community (17)

We are on our way, because we are clear about who we are and what we are seeking.

Many thanks to you all, for your insights.

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